WKNDR is a web app that helps young adults find spontaneous experiences nearby. It has been in research and development since September 2021. This web app is created to find experiences otherwise you would not find google search since it’ll be posted by locals and explored by other local users or people visiting the city. The web app will consist of a homepage, Mood page, and place details page. It will also have the functionality of sharing with friends and picking the best time to go to that place. Mood page will have four quadrants of different moods for example if the person wants to relax and enjoy a nice afternoon. They can select Chill which will show places like Beaches, Hookah lounge, Restaurant, Bowling, Movies, Golf Billiards etc. The place detail page will show the url link of the place, hours of operation, Address, and a button to share it with friends and family. You can access the website here





Details of the Experience